November 26, 2007

Make a Candy Wreath for Christmas!

I came across this idea when surfing the internet tonight and it reminded me of a time mom had us similar "Sputnik Wreaths" It was 1957 and the Russian satellite, Sputnik, was in orbit When made them, we used either curling ribbon for the candy and the wreath shape was made of hangers . The candy we used was wrapped blue bubble gum sphere, to signify "Sputniks" in orbit. Mom tied on a pair of child's scizzors for the grandkids to cut off a piece of gum and had it hung on the front door of our home...which led to the Post Office that my dad managed. I think that wreath lasted about a week...every kid in town knew about it!
If you can find candy in colorful wrappers it works better, the whole idea is after the candy is gone the wrappers still look pretty since you just untwist one side and leave the wrapper behind when you take the candy... If diabetic , a fav candies are the sugar free jolly ranchers, and they are in printed wrappers so you could include them... also, don't be afraid to include some clear wrappers as well... and every so often if you want a little change you can wire or tie some cellophane squares, ribbons, flowers, novelty plastic things tissue, beads, etc . I used a coat hanger, bend it in to a circle , masking tape to secure it, wrap with a ribbon..and then use curling ribbon to attach the candies. Cut them in like 1 foot lengths. Tie the first candy on with a knot and then slip knot the candies until you've got about 4 inches of ribbon left and knot the last candy, then start again.

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