November 27, 2007

Going Green!

Green foliage that is! We brought the plants inside at the mention of early frost this year. This kind of ivy is especially sensitive to the cold . I brought it in , after giving it a good severe trimming, which will stimulate more branching out and give it fullness by spring.. I don't know the name of this ivy and haven't seen it in green houses that much actually If not brought inside, it would be an annual. It roots easily in water and grows fast. .It isn't the woody vined ivy that grows on houses and buildings, but a potting type of ivy with rich green delicate leaves. These come from starts of my mom's plants she had over 50 years..probably longer.It grows best in partial to full shade..and loves a good watering and fertizier .I use it in hanging planters and also in a huge barrel.It will trail down to the cement by the end of summer..a lovely plant for patios as well. I recently sent a few clippings ( rooted) out to my friend Betty on the east coast and she reports hers are growing well inside .

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