February 8, 2016

Reagan Birthday  Tampico Il. 2016 and photos of the inside of the apartment at the Reagan  home.  

Jean Gerdes

Denise Brooks

Jean Gerdes  (89) Mr and Ms Flame  and Bertha Geissens (100)

Chet Gerdes Denise McLaughlin & Jean Gerdes


Joan Johnson

Bertha and Jean

The Reagan family


I  fixed this old photo of Grandma Justine (Wiegand) Schultz  at their farm near Sandwich Il., with her chickens  (1920 s?)

December 16, 2015

War savings bond

This is a 1943 War Savings Bond that dad (Howard Wellman Sr.) bought for my brother Don when he was 11 years old . It was kept in a safe deposit box at West Brooklyn Bank for over 72 years .  It is now framed  and I will always treasure it.  A gift from Don's wife, Donna Wellman.    Dec. 2015 . I have it in the safe once again but had to share it's history. 
On May 1, 1941, the Series E bond was introduced, and with it the start of a national volunteer program. The volunteer program enlisted the nation's financial institutions, community leaders, volunteer committees, and advertising and communications media to promote the new bond.
Bankers, business executives, newspaper publishers, Hollywood entertainers, all served to provide the Treasury and the savings bonds program with manpower and support, making the program a success for more than six decades. Of special note are the executives of many Fortune 500 companies who served as members of the U.S. Savings Bonds Volunteer Committee which, from 1963 through 2003, played an essential role in the success of the payroll savings plan.
The Series E bond was patterned after its predecessors. It became he most durable of all the series and the world's most widely held security. As the "Defense Bond" of 1941, the "War Bond" of 1942-45 and subsequently just the savings bond - it was purchased by tens of millions of families.


December 15, 2015

Girls day out with Jean and Stephanie

I love having a "GIRLS DAY OUT"   Stephanie drove and Jean copiloted and I was the designated back seat driver ( self appointed) Our first stop was at Tampico Trading company's Little General Store in down town Tampico., managed by Randy and Denise Brooks. We saw several beautiful items there and bought a wreath for Stephanie and teddy bear for Jean  . Here is the  best news of the day...they will be selling ice cream cones, soft drinks, slushies , this summer!! their hours are 10-4 . Next we went to Sterling to the Family  Table resteraunt  and had lunch.  Our next destination was  Showplace Antiques & Treasures , located in downtown Sterling Il.  I have been in this store numerous times and have yet walked out without buying something. It is just amazing the variety of antiques, collectibles, handicrafts, vintage ,refurnished furniture, floral, home d├ęcor and more...always expect the unexpected in shopping in this is truly a wonderful shop  and Sterling so fortunate to have this available. Prices are reasonable and  saw some real  vintage treasures today!  Stephanie bought a refinished end table and I bought  a nice frame and cubs baseball hat that also had Commonwealth Edison  printed on the side , which is where  Bob  worked until his retirement.  I would have  bought more but being just finished Christmas shopping, had to draw the purser string up a bit.    Ok  our next stop was the Chocolatier for some good strings today.  Both shops kindly  let us browse and I took a couple photos to add to day of our  day out.
. Thanks Jean and Stephanie , we had a great time! Please check out the FB site for Showplace Antiques and Treasures and  I know they would appreciate if you could share the site for friends to see.