October 12, 2015

2015 fish fry photos

2015 fish fry photos...Thanks to Pat Donahue , Craig Ayers and fishermen friends Kerry Baker, Bret Rogers, for providing fish for tonight's fish fry at the Ayers . Also to Pat Donahue, Micheal Messenger, Doug Donahue Eric Tremble Craig, and taster Tim Stiens for frying up some mighty tasty fish ! special thanks to Craig Ayers and Darlene Page Ayers for their wonderful hospitality ! I got photos to share of our wonderful family and friends, though several unable to join us and we missed you ! Also, . In our hearts are those in the family we no longer have with us ...Jim and Don were such a great team... and taught the guys well .. but we felt their presence and miss them so much . safe travel wishes to Callie, Josh and Autumn as they return back to Ks Darlene Page Ayers and Craig...again thanks!

August 24, 2015

made a total of 23  qts salsa  this year..last batch last night...the tomatoes have been coming on slowly this year, but finally picking up.  decided next year to plant all patio..good prducers but determinates..does better than the indeterminate types though.   

May 23, 2015

Bathroom remodel. by local carpenter

  1. Before when old tub surround removed...secret storage area on the other side! (entry was in the closet)

  3. Newly installed tub surround. a difficult job for the carpenter as the tub not level and  walls not plumb

    3   New ceiling light in bath plus painted the walls lt blue.


Flowers 2015