October 7, 2017


There comes a time in our lives we meet some pretty special people, and I for one, was blessed to become lasting friends with each of the dear KSB Hospital Nurse graduates. Our motto was "Ache and pains we will fix, We're the class of 66!" . As look back over the years, I give each of the gals full credit of inspiring each other to study hard, and learn to be the best nurses we could be. We owe our success to several instructors . our director of nurses Maxine Peterson, and staff of KSB Hospital for all the clinical hours they nurtured us.( I have to insert, this was before the 40 hr work week came into law, so we ate ,slept , worked and breathed hospital most of 24/7, including on call ) This photo was taken at an all school of nursing class reunion many years ago. Since that time , Sheila has passed away . Mary ,Kathy , Wanda , Judy , and I remain besties. This was a good memory I wanted to share . It may have been 51 years ago, but to me it seems like yesterday.

August 14, 2017


I will never forget the 1st day your Mom went to school; Jill and I walked with her until we got her across the highway. She went to Nash school so that was quite a walk. I fully expected she would want to come back home with us; but instead she went on and Jill cried all the way back home(LOL). She really missed her sister; we played a lot of board games for a while until she got used to it.  Written by Helen 

August 11, 2017

howard wellman

It was this time of month that I lost my brother Howard Wellman Jr. and also lost my father, Howard Sr...Both were such wonderful men and special dads that blessed the lives of many... especially my dear family.
Memories of our family ...and childhood are what shape our personality and who we are. Whether we like it (or not), our personality is formed by our parents, brothers, sisters, and the environment that we grew up in. I was so fortunate to have been raised in a family as we had! We realize that our past continues to affect who we are. Thank you for your unselfish love, dad and Howie! We miss you so much, but know you are always walking along side us, and guiding us with your words of wisdom and enduring love, ..that will never vanish. 

This is dad having some fun while traveling in the Appalachians.

Kind eyes

Hippie Tom "Kind Eyes"  by Terry Alby

old elevator

Helen submitted info  about this old grain elevator on Pine Hill Road. "  was called the Aschenbrenner elevator.I found information in a book called The Lee County Central Electric Railway by Philip L.  Keister. Elenor Baylor told us about it so we bought one. Doris Hillison grew up in a house next to it."

August 2, 2017

"Casey" Page has seen these tracks a few times.

As I recall. the Jeanblanc brothers once owned  (tracks and elevator) in Lee Center.  The little puffer belly locomotive  pulled grain cars.  Ferd Jeanblanc was the engineer  to Amboy and back.  Later the Lee Co Grain used these tracks still and my bil Voris Page engineered this train I believe, and was dubbed the name "Casey"  Interestingly, my grandmother was pictured putting a pike into this railroad in Lee Center. Also my mother June Wellman was head bookkeeper for Lee Co Grain many years.  They lived on a farm nearby the tracks between Amboy and Lee Center.( later owned by Bob and Jackie Delhotel

July 26, 2017

Cubs hx

July 25, 1988, today's date in Chicago Cubs history........The Cubs test their $5 million lighting system prior to their historic first night game at Wrigley Field scheduled for August 8th against the Phillies. Six banks of lights on 33-foot steel towers along the first-base and third-base baselines illuminate the field during the charity event in which players take batting practice and participate in a home run derby. The Cubs hosted "Cubs Care" under the lights from 6 to 9 p.m. The club held an informal workout and home run hitting contest featuring Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Andre Dawson and Ryne Sandberg. Ken Holtzman and Fergie Jenkins were the pitchers. The photo is six banks of lights illuminated Wrigley Field as the Chicago Cubs held their first official night practice in Chicago, July 25, 1988. Wrigley Field is the last major league park to install lights and will have their first night game on Aug. 8, against the Phillies. (AP Photo/John Swart)


Tomorrow June27th would be my nieces birthday. Remembering her birth, I recall her dad coming home from the Navy, joining his wife Donice, for  a couple weeks, to be with her when their first child was born . As often happens, the baby said not yet. Unable to extend his furlough, Don headed back , driving to east coast naval station . Donice went into labor about 2 hrs after he left Mom made calls and soon Don found himself surrounded by State police in  Indiana . He had been driving fast , so he was rather nervous until they told him to "turn around son, you've got a baby coming" . Deborah Lynn Wellman entered the world soon after . Donice and their new baby joined Don 6 weeks later.   (Newprt)
Deb passed away from ovarian cancer at the age of 47 yrs. She was such a joy to me to later babysit for and watch her grow up over the years. One memory I have, was taking her exploring for fossils at box canyon. She loved fishing trips with her family, cookouts in the woods, and later proved skilled in crafts. She became interested in making quilts . So many memories fading away but her smiles and laughter remain with me always . Deb worked many years at KSB in housekeeping. She also worked at O'Connell camp resort and At Franklin  Grove HS in custodial work. She has a daughter Elizabeth Bartlett , who lives in Missouri.  Happy Birthday in Heaven Debbie. In know your parents and grandparents joined with you there with  much love  in their hearts for you as well. May each  Rest in Peace with the Lord now, and , know they  were loved .  

This is another photo of Don, Donice,Deb and Joan, taken in 1969, the year Stephanie was born. When we would go visit them, they had a dry sink in the old fashioned pantry and we could lay her inside with blankets, but as it always turned out Aunt Donice and the girls held her most the time! I love this sweet picture of them ! It was a good memory I decided to stick into my blog today