May 11, 2017


 may 7 we received a call from Ashleys mom to ask if we could go with her, to get her after school. Her dad has turned custody of Ashley to her mom. We had the opportunity for her to spend a few days with us, during the transition. She is very happy with the move and officially started living with mom last night . It has been great seeing her again !   In the morning she sings along with her Iphone and enjoys pancakes ! 

April 23, 2017

grandma and grandpa schultz..Helen's notes from fb

  1. She went through Ellis Island and became an American citizen. Mom received a letter back when they were putting plaques up with the names of those who came that way; she didn't do it as it would cost $100; guess she didn't feel it was necessary. My old neighbor Eva Leddy also passed into the US that way; she traveled with her daughters to NY to celebrate seeing her plaque there

  2. Mom said the reason her grandfather came was because he was afraid the Kaiser was going to start war and he did not want any part of it. Some of his children remained in Germany, he brought Grandma who was a young girl and his 2nd wife. He did truck farming near Peoria; joined the Apostolic Christian church after meeting a neighbor who belonged to it. "Gussie" never belonged to it, she was a Baptist. Grandfather Schultz was a Methodist; always wondered why he did not attend church where she did. When your Mom gave me the Masonic ring that Dad had, my question was answered. When I had the ring cleaned, etched on the inside was Grandfather Schultz' name. Baptists do not allow Masons to belong to their church, and grandfather apparently did not want to give up being a Mason.

  3. The ring came as a surprise to me also; we always thought it was Dads. Your Mom gave it to me because Voris is a Mason.

April 22, 2017

Tampico, Il painted mural honoring the Reagans


There are people we all like to remember for the life they lived, kindnesses shown, and their talents shared with others.   This is a mural painted on a building in downtown Tampico. Il. It was done by Don Kirst and Bud Thompson
I knew the gentleman (Don Kirst) that painted this   He was assisted in doing this mural by Prophetstown's Bud Thompson, years ago . I took care of Don in the nursing home. He was a good artist and kind man, He also did chalk drawings of Jesus, which each resident received well as several of his nurses, myself included


Easter Egg hunt Lee Center Church 2017

A great time was had of 46 children under the age of 11 yrs in our church lawn Saturday. Helpers were Allison  , Joyce and Jim, Sharon, Sandy , Roger, Maggie, Cindy, Mary, Janice and others...a good turn out and fun had by all.. we had over 19 basket giveaway drawings plus 1400  candy filled eggs to hunt for. Thanks to Kathy , Madeline, Allison and Jaynee P for helping to fill them all. I think the parents and grandparents had as much fun as the kids!

April 8, 2017

photo of old desks  Palmer School Keven Chandler  Our desks at Lee Center were the same style   Ink wells used to hold glue paste as well

Amboy history

In the history of Amboy, this house is pictured. It was originally the Egan House. Built in 1874 by John Micheal and Mary Josephine Egan. John was the president of the Canadian Pacific Railroad. The house had 3,000 square feet. The 16 inch thick walls are solid brick. There are 3 fireplaces; 2 are white marble. It was the first home in Amboy to have inside plumbing. In early years, church services were held in the home , along with several city meetings and some elections. The Egan's daughter, Josephine, allowed people to borrow books from their library. The house stayed in the Egan family until WWII, at which time it was remodeled into 4 apartments. Josephine Egan occupied the upstairs apartment until her death. During WWII trailers were set up on the property where men and women lived while working at the Ordnance plant.
Ann Dickinson Thomas Yes, my dad Jim and Uncle Norbert bought it and quickly realized the work it really needed so sold it. It was divided into apartments but the lovely woodwork was mostly intact. The library ceiling was beautiful - wood coffered. I thought there were about 7 fireplaces. No ghosts then. 
Carol Hoyle Biester The first library in Amboy was in the Amboy Depot. It was later moved upstairs in the Green building (on Main St. downtown). In 1928, the present library was built on Jefferson Ave and the books and furniture were moved there. Evidently the Egans had their own private library in one of the many rooms in their home.

April 5, 2017

Amboy milk

The Cows will no longer be coming home

On a recent outing my faithful minion and I explored the old Amboy milk plant. We had stopped to talk to Hank Gerdes about stories of old Amboy and he filled in some details about the plant which opened in the late 1920's. He had fond memories of seeing trucks lined up at the plant in the wee hours of the morning waiting to take on their daily load of fresh milk to deliver around the area.

One of their specialties was canned evaporated milk and cans of it appeared all over the world. Indeed, many a WW 2 service man mailed home labels from cans of Amboy milk as souvenirs to show the local town folks that their efforts on the home front were being felt and appreciated. 

On the day we were there the trucks were gone, the doors boarded up, windows shuttered and broken. The huge ramps which once held the weight of dairy trucks now only hold silent memories.  It stands in mute testimony of a time that once was, when milk wasn't purchased at a convenience store or at the local super mart from a milk producing conglomerate  but rather was locally grown and locally supplied.

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April 2, 2017


I received this info on the Schultz side from a lady on 23&me whose husband is a distant cousin.  That's what prompted me to start piecing together a family tree.  There are some interesting anecdotes on how the Schultz family ended up in Illinois 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jeffrey Roth<>
Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Subject: Schultz Family Info
To: Angie Arthur <>, Karen Roth <>, Jerold Roth <>

Jeff, I wrote you a long answer on my new iPhone but it wasn’t sending for some reason, so here I go again. Since you & John share g-g-grandparents, John August Ferdinand Schultz & Catherine Philippine Müller, you should be third cousins to each other, although the fact that you are a younger generation than John makes me wonder if a generation is missing in your lineage. Probably just a late marriage or child! I have the passenger list for the Müllers/Millers in 1850 & the 1852 ship list for the maternal grandfather & family, Caspar Krumm. Unfortunately, both Miller & Schultz were common German names, so it’s easy to “find” the wrong ones! We have info on the Millers going way back in Hesse-Nassau. Catherine (sp?) Philippine Miller Schultz’s mother was Elisabeth Zoll Krumm Miller. Elisabeth was baptized under her mother’s maiden name, Zoll, because they didn’t get around to getting married for a while, at which point she began using her father’s name Krumm. Elisabeth had a very large family with Jost Henrich Miller, including two sets of fraternal twins. The story is that she worked as a mid-wife & possibly that was because he became disabled. All of her sisters also had fraternal twins, including one who remained in Germany. One sister married Jost Henrich’s brother. The two families lived next door to each other in Germany & the wife of the older brother, Johannes, had died. Everyone was leaving for the new world, so he threw his pocket knife in the air, allowing the way it fell to decide whether he would go. He left with some of the remaining Krumms in 1852 & on the way to the ship, decided to marry Catherine Krumm. There have been a number of fraternal twins among descendants of the Krumms. You mentioned Tampico, which rang a bell. One of the Krumm sisters, Christine, came with the Müllers in 1850. She was a school teacher & married Jacob Hein in the Sandwich area. After having four? sons (including a set of fraternal twins) rather rapidly, Christine died. Somehow, the Millers fit the boys into their already crowded home (Seen in the 1860 census?), while Jacob went off to Whiteside County, where he found a new wife & settled for the rest of his life, bringing the kids from his first marriage. I have a photo of the twins taken in Sterling. I just noticed a photo of a gravestone for William Hein (son) in the Tampico Cemetery. I think he’s your cousin & there are probably more in my pictures. Your family likely ended up there because of them! Years ago, a nun came to our home in MN, who was a descendant of Christine. She gave me some copies of photos & I never saw her again. I think I heard she moved to Ireland & quit the nuns. As for the Schultzes, that’s the difficult side. The story is that their parents died young & your (& John’s) g-g-grandfather Schultz (alternately called John, Fred, Frank & Ferdinand) came with his brothers. He bought a new pair of boots in Chicago & they set out walking west. By Sandwich, he had raised blisters & could go no further, thus settling in that area & marrying Catherine P. Miller. Supposedly he lost track of his brothers, who continued walking. A number of years ago, a box of John August Ferdinand’s photos surfaced when his daughter or granddaughter died. Among them were photos from Wausau, with one marked, “Grandpa’s nephew, Carl Schultz.” It took some doing but I finally figured out that Carl’s father was August Schultz, brother to your JAF Schultz. More research uncovered that August died in the 1860s in Kreis (County) Naugard, Pommern. Of course, Pommern doesn’t exist since WWII, when the Poles grabbed it. After August died, his wife & three kids emigrated to Wausau. It is not clear that Naugard is where the Schultzes were from, though, but a good clue. There are others in the old photos from the Wausau area, whom I suspect are also related & a DNA match possibly confirms it! A lone photo taken in Clear Lake, IA has a different "Charlie Schultz," believed to be another nephew & maybe a son of the brother who left him with his blisters? JAF Schultz's obit says born in Stargard, Pommern, which is not in Naugard. I should note that in Germany, babies were usually given two or more names & went by the last given name. JAF Schultz named his first son (John’s g-grandfather)William Frederick Ferdinand August Schultz. I can’t help but think that the name is a combination of JAF’s brothers’ names. At any rate, I think the next step is church records. If you ever have the time to go to Somonauk or Sandwich when they are open with a German interpreter there, let me know. I went once, & one wouldn’t let me look at the German sacramental book without the interpreter present. I don’t trust their reading, so would rather have a cell phone photo that I can look at. My other thought would be the Evangelical Archives in Germany. I'm writing without benefit of notes, so please forgive me if I screw up. I’m supposed to be cleaning out our house to market it, so that we can downsize & really need to stay focused. My hope is to get through this & then organize my over 30 yrs of genealogy, get my family trees uploaded, etc. I am on all three of the major DNA sites for more exposure. I also hope to upload DNA to Gedmatch, a free site to compare DNA across all the sites. It supposedly has better tools but it’s only as good as the number of people uploading their DNA. If you’re considering adding yourself to AncestryDNA (they claim to have the largest database but have no genome browser), DNA Day is April 25 & there will probably be a sale. I think FTDNA is now allowing you to upload your DNA from 23 & Me for about $12, which is a cheap way to get on an additional site. Remember, the older the generation participating in the test, the less diluted the DNA is going back. Thus, your mom might match John even stronger than you because you only carry half her genes. I have IDed Schultzes & Millers (ones related to you but not to the Schultzes) whom John has matched on the sites. I also manage an older Schultz male’s Y-DNA on FTDNA. That doesn’t tell me much, yet, but it’s supposed to be essentially identical to all the male descendants who have the Schultz last name & should be the same going back for maybe 500 yrs. with little mutation. I’m hoping to learn more with that as more people join. I hope your mom is recovering well. Speaking of DNA, does she have any family history of breast cancer? Our son-in-law is an oncologist, who specializes in metastatic prostate cancer at Johns Hopkins. He is involved in a lot of research & is finding that breast cancer & prostate cancer act a lot alike & can involve the same genes but it’s very early to say much. John’s great-grandfather William Schultz (Louis’ bro) died of prostate cancer in 1931. His obit says he was treated at Mayo Clinic but there was little they could do then. 23 & Me’s DNA test told my husband that genetically, he had a normal risk of prostate cancer but his first PSA was positive at 51 & he had to have surgery. Fortunately, he didn’t trust the prognosticators at 23 & Me! Caveat Emptor! Are you or your mom aware of any prostate cancer on your side of the Schultzes? Feel free to ask any questions & remind me if it gets too long before I get back to this. God speed to your mom! Ann O. MN

February 24, 2017


I was thinking today, of the many times I would hear mom tell us about Grandma and Grandpa Schultz  and what it was like as a family growing up  on the farm near  Sandwich Il ( which is  located  behind the (now) Indian Hills shopping Center)
I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit my mom for many years and wish now I had taken a notebook down with me to record her wonderful stories. Those days are gone now but remain precious to me, hearing her tell them as we worked together in her garden or sat shelling peas etc. Just seeing the joy she had as a grandmother to my children was amazing. Having two wonderful grandsons myself, I  well know how she felt about them all.
One memory she mentioned at the farm was when she and her brothers Frank and Raymond were in the barn playing. There was a large rope the older boys would swing from high up and end up on the platform on another side, She wanted to try it and Frank said ok..gave her a push....and left her hanging onto the rope unable to get a joke.   years later they would laugh about this as their relived stories of their childhood.   another was when  she and  her brothers and sisters would go down to the creek to swim


February 18, 2017

Fb Janine and Craig story

I was tucking Craig into bed last night when he tells me "Mom, my kisses are permanent."  Then he gave me several "permanent kisses."  Now that is priceless!That's much nicer than Weston who tells me he's wiping mine OFF every night. I tell him that he's just rubbing them in more. Bwahaha!!For those who miss those days, I'm sure Janine will loan the kids out for free babysitting.


there are some family stories you may want to forget ever happened..this is one of them Janine shared this am on FB  LOL
Public service announcement: it is skunk mating season in OH. Karli evidently interrupted a moment last night and was sprayed in the face. I didn't realize it until she made it to the living room. We slept with our windows open last night and are frantically cleaning her and the carpet where she rubbed her head with a concoction hoping to get rid of the smell. Our apologies in advance as I am sure you will smell us coming for awhile. Skunks are now my least favorite creature right up there with snakes.
Jane Hill Urig OH NO!!! That is not good!!!!
Carla Collier Oh no! So sorry!!!! 😳😬😝
Janine Roth Scandlon It is NOT good at all. Slightly panicked would describe our house at midnight last night. My bonus was supposed to go for a new AC unit (a need due to my allergies and ours has died) but new flooring may have just moved to the need list, previously delegated to the want list. .
Cindy Boyenga This is right up there with worst memory you wished never happened.LO so sorry 

February 17, 2017


Helen writes "
 Helen writes " he was a wonderful father; I think that was a school board picture. He used to say "Lincoln was born on my birthday" (LOL). He loved his family; enjoyed the simple life, didn't need anything more than his wife and family to be happy. Played cards with the guys now and then and enjoyed a fishing trip once a year. And always he paid for every thing he bought; that went back to the depression days when he lost all he had in the bank. They really learned how to make ends meet on what they had. He never wanted charity, was a very proud man. We were so very blessed with 2 wonderful parents."

Howard Wellman Jr written by Jerry in 2014

Karen's brother, Howard Wellman, Jr. died on this date in 1990. He was brilliant and had a photographic memory. He died from cancer but in the year between discovering the cancer and his dying, Howie came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as his savior. It was so typical of him to research a subject and get to know everything that can be known about it. He knew he was dying and his sister Cindy Boyenga was at his side. He kept asking her how close he was to dying, not asking out of fear but out of his desire for knowledge. He went out praying to God and singing the praise of God. I think he was 59 years old when he died. We miss him and think of him often.

Frank Leffler Howie was a wonderful man I still think of him often.
Cindy Boyenga 
Thank you for posting this Jer...yes..a wonderful father, big brother and uncle .. was just remembering how he sat every noon hour break from work at Stephanies bedside when she was hospitalized and so ill for ruptured spleen when 16 yrs. I couldn't have had a better brothers than Don and Howie. I can't imagine what Helen and I musdt have sounded like, singing old old sunday school but he lept asking for more...thanks for bringing him to the Lord, Jerry. You are such a wonderful brother inlaw. 

February 14, 2017


January 2017   The floors of  the Lee Center First Congregational United Church of Christ have been refinished and are gorgeous!   Here are some before and after photos



January 31, 2017

Next stop Vicksberg Mississippi

When returning from Texas, we stopped by Vicksburg Ms.  A lovely drive to take (once we got out of San Antonio and Houston.)

 ....and here we are at Vicksburg Ms !

Union Ulysses s Grant  campaign for the siege  of Vicksburg Ms. waged from May 18 to July 4 1863   during the Civil War . We took a self guided (16 mile if we had done all))  tour of the National Military park and cemetery, viewing the dugouts bunkers and 144 cannons and total of 1300 sculptures, markers and state monuments in place It covers more than 1800 acres , Of special interest was the USS Cairo Museum and  rest9ored iron clad ship USS Cairo. On Dec 12,1862, in the Yazoo river north of Vicksburg, Cairo was struck by two underwater torpedoes( today called mines) sinking in less than 12 minutes with no loss of life. The ironclad the last remaining of it's kind, is now in display. It was brought up after 100 years in the water and painstakingly reassembled for display within the park , (as I have pictures of. )The park has laid to rest,  the remains of over 17,000 Civil War Union Soldiers.

"See what a lot hold,of land these fellows  of which Vicksburg is the key. Let us get Vicksburg and that country is ours. The war can never be brought to a close until that key is in our pocket"     Abraham Lincoln


The Paddlewheel     careful attention given to protect reains of the USS Cairo. using  these support beams