February 18, 2017

Fb Janine and Craig story

I was tucking Craig into bed last night when he tells me "Mom, my kisses are permanent."  Then he gave me several "permanent kisses."  Now that is priceless!That's much nicer than Weston who tells me he's wiping mine OFF every night. I tell him that he's just rubbing them in more. Bwahaha!!For those who miss those days, I'm sure Janine will loan the kids out for free babysitting.
there are some family stories you may want to forget ever happened..this is one of them Janine shared this am on FB  LOL
Public service announcement: it is skunk mating season in OH. Karli evidently interrupted a moment last night and was sprayed in the face. I didn't realize it until she made it to the living room. We slept with our windows open last night and are frantically cleaning her and the carpet where she rubbed her head with a concoction hoping to get rid of the smell. Our apologies in advance as I am sure you will smell us coming for awhile. Skunks are now my least favorite creature right up there with snakes.
Jane Hill Urig OH NO!!! That is not good!!!!
Carla Collier Oh no! So sorry!!!! 😳😬😝
Janine Roth Scandlon It is NOT good at all. Slightly panicked would describe our house at midnight last night. My bonus was supposed to go for a new AC unit (a need due to my allergies and ours has died) but new flooring may have just moved to the need list, previously delegated to the want list. .
Cindy Boyenga This is right up there with worst memory you wished never happened.LO so sorry 

February 17, 2017

Helen writes "
 Helen writes " he was a wonderful father; I think that was a school board picture. He used to say "Lincoln was born on my birthday" (LOL). He loved his family; enjoyed the simple life, didn't need anything more than his wife and family to be happy. Played cards with the guys now and then and enjoyed a fishing trip once a year. And always he paid for every thing he bought; that went back to the depression days when he lost all he had in the bank. They really learned how to make ends meet on what they had. He never wanted charity, was a very proud man. We were so very blessed with 2 wonderful parents."

Howard Wellman Jr written by Jerry in 2014

Karen's brother, Howard Wellman, Jr. died on this date in 1990. He was brilliant and had a photographic memory. He died from cancer but in the year between discovering the cancer and his dying, Howie came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as his savior. It was so typical of him to research a subject and get to know everything that can be known about it. He knew he was dying and his sister Cindy Boyenga was at his side. He kept asking her how close he was to dying, not asking out of fear but out of his desire for knowledge. He went out praying to God and singing the praise of God. I think he was 59 years old when he died. We miss him and think of him often.

Frank Leffler Howie was a wonderful man I still think of him often.
Cindy Boyenga 
Thank you for posting this Jer...yes..a wonderful father, big brother and uncle .. was just remembering how he sat every noon hour break from work at Stephanies bedside when she was hospitalized and so ill for ruptured spleen when 16 yrs. I couldn't have had a better brothers than Don and Howie. I can't imagine what Helen and I musdt have sounded like, singing old old sunday school but he lept asking for more...thanks for bringing him to the Lord, Jerry. You are such a wonderful brother inlaw. 

February 14, 2017

January 2017   The floors of  the Lee Center First Congregational United Church of Christ have been refinished and are gorgeous!   Here are some before and after photos



January 31, 2017

Next stop Vicksberg Mississippi

When returning from Texas, we stopped by Vicksburg Ms.  A lovely drive to take (once we got out of San Antonio and Houston.)

 ....and here we are at Vicksburg Ms !

Union Ulysses s Grant  campaign for the siege  of Vicksburg Ms. waged from May 18 to July 4 1863   during the Civil War . We took a self guided (16 mile if we had done all))  tour of the National Military park and cemetery, viewing the dugouts bunkers and 144 cannons and total of 1300 sculptures, markers and state monuments in place It covers more than 1800 acres , Of special interest was the USS Cairo Museum and  rest9ored iron clad ship USS Cairo. On Dec 12,1862, in the Yazoo river north of Vicksburg, Cairo was struck by two underwater torpedoes( today called mines) sinking in less than 12 minutes with no loss of life. The ironclad the last remaining of it's kind, is now in display. It was brought up after 100 years in the water and painstakingly reassembled for display within the park , (as I have pictures of. )The park has laid to rest,  the remains of over 17,000 Civil War Union Soldiers.

"See what a lot hold,of land these fellows  of which Vicksburg is the key. Let us get Vicksburg and that country is ours. The war can never be brought to a close until that key is in our pocket"     Abraham Lincoln


The Paddlewheel     careful attention given to protect reains of the USS Cairo. using  these support beams

January 30, 2017

I 35

  Just passed a flashing alert. "Silver alert , notify police". Must have heard we were on the freeway leaving San Antonio . This is one wild crazy driving experience ! 

January 29, 2017

Missions of San Antonio Texas

Today we visited the San Juan Mission in San Antonio.
In 1720, Fray Antonio Margil de Jesús founded what became the best known of the Texas Missions, San José y San Miguel de Aguayo. Viewed as a model of Mission organization, Mission San José was a major social center. The unique architecture of its church and the richness of its fields and pastures led visitors to comment on its beauty. The size of the complex bears witness to San José’s reputation as the “Queen of the Missions.”
Mission San José was moved twice from its original site until it was finally built at its present location, set back from the temperamental river to a place on a small rise. At this time, it entered into a period of great achievement. Mission San José became the showplace of the Southwest.
The present church of Mission San José was begun in 1758 with the cornerstone laid by Governor Don Hugo Oconor and Gaspar José Solis, a Franciscan inspector. It was not completed until 1782 but became “the most beautiful church along the entire frontier of New Spain

San Antonio River Walk / Alamo & Boat Ride

The San Antonio River Walk (also known as Paseo del Río or simply as the River Walk) is a network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio Texas, one level below the busy streets of San Antonio TX It is lined by bars, shops, restaurants, nature, and public art.. the River Walk is a very relaxing place to be in an otherwise very busy city. The Alamo is adjacent and easily accessed from the river walk.  During the annual springtime Fiesta San Antonio, the River Parade features flowery floats that float down the river. We were here too early for this even though.