January 22, 2015


Don A. Wellman, named after  dad's brother, Don. Aunt Bess F;ach  always called him her "little Christ child"" well...I think those that knew my brother Don Wellman, will agree, that this picture says it all...ha ha.. ( wish I had found this photo 2 weeks ago to share it with him...) I will post comments from fb that were said.
Helen Page .."Looks like he had the "Don" nod even then :(LOL)
Darlene Hinkle "He already has the LOOK you described at the funeral!:
Colleen Lampe Lawrence in his day, all boys wore 'dresses' until they were potty trained. easier to change diapers. So, I THINK this is his BIG day! LOL, NOW, get those curls cut, Donnie. LOL Wish yuo had found it earlier and we could of teased him.
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