February 7, 2015

Jean Gerdes Feb 6 88 yrs old

We are headed in the right direction now.  Feb has arrived...can't wait for Spring to come ! I had a great day yesterday with my neighbor Jean , who turned 88 years old. we had Italian dinner at angelo's and then went to the Tampico historical society's birthday party for Ronald Reagan, ( whom  Jean shares a birthday with)  I took several photos and with share a couple of them here with those of you that know her, I know you will enjoy seeing them ..she is such an amazing lady. She has an exerxise routine she does ( and has every morning for the past 40 years) for 15 minutes..and can still touch her toes and has remained very limber ..also likes to garden,do puzzles as shown,   and walk. She is looking forward to being outside again as well..Needless to say, she enjoys her flowers that her son and her niece gave her. ~~ Happy Birthday Jean!




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