January 21, 2015

Chicago world's fair memories of the Wellman Family

My sister,  Helen and I were discussing the Chicago Worlds fair of 1893..and the never forgotten incident that occurred there between our great grandparents , Grandpa Christopher Wellman  and his wife Amana.   Apparently the story goes, that he left Amanda sitting at the fair and went home without her. . It was in horse and buggy days, someone from Lee Center area ,who knew her,  brought her back.Grandpa  had been last seen standing at the back of a trolly going by she said.  She was standing on a street corner, most likely very upset with Grandpa Chris. They lived in Lee Center at the time in the house we lived in.Also at this fair, is  when the White city at Grants park was built, also a ferris wheel.
 Amanda (Brown) July1 1829-May 19, 1923    Christopher Wellman June 10.1821- Dec 23, 1909

Then came the next Chicago fair of 1934 and my dad, two uncles and grandfather Henry "Hank" Wellman  went to the fair..this time, no one was left behind.!  ha!  .Here is a photo of them at the fair.

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