July 28, 2012

Great america 2012 #3 time in

As mentioned before, we bought the kids season tickets to Great America this year and we haven't missed an opportunity to go have some fun trips into Gurney this year! Yesterday was the perfect weather after  weeks of very high record setting temps here in Illinois. The temp was 83, skies slightly overcast and  we had three  happy kids with us!

Each visit has been different, taking in different rides and shows. I think the big hit for rides was the water slide with boats ( like the log rides are) ..Everyone got drenched, except grandma and grandpa who wisely watched from afar! LOL  the best would come at the closing of the park when we saw a half hour long electric parade. Photos are not the best...something you just have to be there to see to appreciate. We had a wonderful time! Thanks Ryan and Stephie for taking us in . we have decided maybe we need to do this season pass thing again next year...way too much fun!!
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