July 31, 2012

Trip to Amana Colonies

  Friends, Jan and Glenn and ourselves, made a pact..that once we were all retired , we would enjoy some trips together . We  made  up a bucket list of things to see and do.   Monday, we took off and went to the Iowa  Meskwaki  area and  then on to the Amana Colonies. 
This is a picture I had fun taking of Jan and Glenn...asking them, to pose by a Harley...reluctantly they did so , only asking me  " do not put this on facebook, ok? "  LOL LOL  yah  right....

Needless to say, we didn't win and  decided to  travel on down to the Amana colonies and donate some money there instead.

Our first stop was at Fern Hill , South Amana
antiques and Quilts. I was totally amazed at all the beautiful quilts, fabrics, rugs, antiques and re purposed old items so cleverly crafted! This was by far my favorite shop to visit.My wonderful husband was more than generous with letting me have a free hand at spending ...and I bought  three loomed rag rugs, made by an Amish lady in the area. They are beautiful, as are the pot holders made from a folded star pattern. what is unique about the pot holders is you can slide you hand into them to use as n oven though I would even use these lovelies!

I asked the sales lady if these were made  by her and she said no, we bought them from an Amish lady near by. I mentioned how well they were made and  she said  the the lady replied to her"when I use my loom, I push it up hard  and these will be nice tight rugs and last forever" From holding them, I believe she is right...they are nicely made!  " SOLD...three please! "

Two folded star pot holders / Oven mitts...too pretty to use but will make my kitchen..
 look Iike I like to cook..ha!

I enjoyed the gifts and home decor items, but what could be sweeter than finding quilts and fudge together in one place? And did I really hear one of the operators say something  like...stay a while and have some pie and a cup of coffee? 
 Yes, this place was amazing!

Speaking of blues, check out these batiks.

Fern Hill has one of the largest collections I've ever seen.

oh oh...something else to buy..Stephanie will love this!!!  Old door knob plates made into towel hanger..How freaking cute is this!

What is a town without a winery?

91 degrees and humid...lets go inside and have us a sip or two!

Decided to buy this award winning Red Raspberry Wine

and then on to visit some other shops in town!

Midwest Leather, Amana colonies Iowa

I was surprised at there being a barn in town. Apparently settlers  built their  town around the farms and this is an example..two blocks or so from down town. What a neat old barn!

It was a beautiful day with good friends and saw  many nice shops.To see a listing of the many shops, , go to  this site .

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