July 27, 2012

Great America trips 2 and one 2012

I think she wants me to put the camera down???
ya...right I will.....ha!

The bumper boys ride again!

Watching a ride he says he will NEVER ever  go on!

Exit one soaked Jer and Ashley..nice job  grandma!

Exit one soaked momma!
All three soaking wet from being water blasted
on the river raft ride

Water Blaster Babes on patrol
"All I ask is that you treat me no differently
than you would a Queen.""

Checking out things to ride and do yet

Sean hydrates with a refreshing  Pepsi!

Stephanie bought the cotton candy...
blue fingers and mouths the rest of the day
...but they enjoyed it!

Their two story Merry go round.. Fancy horses and animals

View from the tower ride...this is the water park
 we plan on taking the kids to  this summer

Good grief...what do they think of next??? ha!

Ryan and Ashley Rode this
..and they survived the viper!

   Four Looney Toons...whoops ...make that two!
 Characture draw...takes one to get one!
Right Jer?

Blue shirt  is Bob with Ashley next to him...first seat
She laughed the entire ride, Bob said

           The lady blurred red is Stephanie..
ashley and Jeremy near by her somewhere...

Practing the water"cannons" out
before the little pirates come around the corner..

              Here they come!  
The Wicked Wind boat and its pirates!

                                       Takes a death wish to ride this one!
                     Had to say "no way "to Ashley..she would have
                                     but wasn't tall enough

Let us out of here! ..Hmmm..maybe we shouldn't???

Here we go..up up and away!

                                                                     Dare Devils 

The plane highest..who else would dare to fly high??
  Ashley and Sean

Krazy Kids ride the Krazy Kups!

Second seat from back...Sean and Ashley


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