November 10, 2010

Vintage Caroling Pamplets

     I was remembering the other day, these pamphlets I purchased ,about 15 years ago  .There they sat that day, at the Dixon  E&M Antique shop,in an old Ziploc sandwich bag just begging me to buy them! .  Seeing them, took me back to a period of time in the late 50's, when our church youth group used books just like these to go caroling in the small town we lived. What good memories they brought back to me!
     Rev Elliott and his entourage of willing young singers would take off on a cold winter night to several homes in the community to sing. We had our trusty booklets in hand for remembering words to sing by...books  just like these! We would  would joyfully sing from house to house ,all bundled up in mittens, scarves and warm coats...but you know how  young girls was not cool to wear boots..and those thin stockings and "saddle shoes" ,worn in the 50's ,  were not the answer for keeping your feet warm! Usually after an hour of singing, and feeling like frozen pop sickles,  we were ready to head back to the church for some hot cocoa and cookies...Ahhh what a welcome relief! I often think of the people we would go sing to and remember seeing the expressions of appreciation  on their faces , especially elderly people living alone. There were two families that I especially remember stopping by to sing to. ...the Harks and the Chesleys. Both had situations in which a spouses were shut ins  and enjoyed the company.... we would go into their homes and sing. I think these  song books  have  would have some pretty special stories to share if they could talk!
If interesting in having these song books, they are in  very good  condition with normal wear for age. The Litho states 1957 and by John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company, Boston Mass.  Color  paperback covers. They are available for sale

I have three sets of 8 pamphlets  and will be posting them this week on Ebay .
I  can see these being hung in a vintage tree or decor setting...or better yet, being used by youth groups out singing for the Christmas Holiday!
  Added note...the winning bidder was a soldier! He wanted  to gather some  friends together to sing caroles for troops in the Persian Gulf. I ended up sending him the entire bunch (20)  I had and thanked them for doing this!

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