November 8, 2010

Silver and Gold......A Christmas Putz House

November 6 1966
Happy Anniversary Honey!


I dug this old dirty clock out of the closet the other day. I bought it at a rummage sale a couple years ago for little or nothing and figured I would make something with it one day. I finally decided. I will clean it up and make a little scene inside of it for Christmas . the gals over at Delphi's Prim and rustic forum got me hooked on making putz houses last year..something I always remembered from my childhood at home. Mom loved putz houses also! And this poor lonely deserted antique clock, deserved re purposing after having its inners ripped out by some unappreciative person, right??? Here is what I did. It is now "A Christmas Putz Clock"!

Next I cleaned it up and gave it a coat of flat black latex paint..when dry will sand the edges and some  to give it an aged  appearance ( who are we kidding here???LOL)

Made from  card board box, aluminum foil over an embossed and scallop edged  card board roof, snow texture and silver and gold glitter and had a difficult time fitting  it all together...but after I added the trees and extra snowtex  a lite spray of snow "to cover my sins" turned out pretty vintage looking I think!.  This is my version of  "the silver and gold putz Christmas clock" I added some gold covered  trim and the jewelry piece  is  actually a button I finally found a use for!

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Meet Kathy and Mertyl...My two very dear friends. They are mother and daughter and both Kathy, husband Bob and family live in Florida.  First Mertyl and her husband, Joe,  moved  there, and about a couple years later, Kathy and Bob did as well. Was it around 40+ years ago?  KJ( as her dad would affectionately call her) missed a couple things about Illinois..Lilacs and snow..and I imagine Mertyl has as well...  perhaps this will bring a smile to their hearts this Christmas! (Bob, I am going to ask that you print this off so Mertyl and Kathy will  see what is coming their way...snow!!! )

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