April 7, 2010

More on American Pickers.........

Frank and Mike, of The History Channel's American Pickers Show, is  returning to cousin Judy's house on April 26th to pick at  her  huge  clock tower warehouse again and do some more filming..can't wait to see the next show that features our dear  Judy! She is absolutely the greatest!  Hopefully we will get down to their shop soon  and see their treasures! They sold the old crocks they picked in Mississippi...they do sure find some neat things!    We will let you all know when our family star shines on 
American pickers..I assume it will be a fall or winter show.
By the way...we located where Bear lives...the old guy that sells carnival rides that they had on the show..only 4 miles or so from us!  we drive by his place every time we go to the quad cities.( the back way there on rt 92)  no doubt about it..that man has some really old Carney rides ! I want to go see that old Opera House they featured one week.  ..I think it was in Lena, Illinois but not sure.

Do you find yourself eyeballing old places and wonder what old things they must have in those buildings??  I think I could have been a picker myself!

We went on a short trip this week to are a few pictures we took  in southern Wisconsin. As you can tell, I love old barns and barn quilts .

                                                                             A Packers Fan no doubt!
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