April 12, 2010

Mom's Cookie Jar

A cookie jar  brings a smile to everyone's face, whether young or old. Many are taken back to their mom's or grandma's kitchen with the smell of cinnamon wafting in the air and the selection of that one "perfect" cookie taken carefully from her cookie jar. It's those childhood memories that are responsible for  my fascination of this particular cookie jar. It was used by my mom.

I love digging out things of the past that belonged to my mom. This is an old cookie jar that, in her later years, mom used as a sugar bowl...(after I broke the lid attempting to remove some cookies when I was little!) For years, I searched on line and various shops for a lid, but found that there were many other people in search of Hull pottery apple jar  lids as well. ...Thankfully, mom kept this jar and used a saucer on top as a lid for it. She  used it as a sugar bowl. Her daughters have many found memories of baking pies, cookies , trolls, scooping sugar from this vintage apple! ! . I always felt badly about breaking the lid, and  though only around 8 years old, I hoped one day I would find a new lid for it.    I often wonder , was a gift? or did she buy it for herself? Somehow, I always thought it was special to her. was probably in the late  fourties .  Well guess what?  I finally found a new lid for it at an antique shop. I paid dearly for it..but what the heck, I  ' got er done!
 About Hull Art Pottery
Though founded in 1905 to make planters and art pottery, Hull didn't really take off its Little Red Riding Hood cookie jar, a novelty item, took the country by storm during World War Two (there was little competition from foreign potters during the war). Over the next 30 years, the company was known for its figural and novelty household items. This apple cookie jar/sugar bowl  would have probably been seen in a set of 4 pieices, including a grease jar and salt, pepper set.
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