April 3, 2010

Early spring surprise

I tried for years to transplant mom's grape hyacynths to my yard and gave up the thought of ever seeing them in my yard. Here we are years later...and look what showed up!! This year my first bloom was a grape hyacynth on March 28th 2010, though, in a different location. What a surprise to see them thriving after all!
My lilac bushes already  has many leafed buds on it. Most other things have swelling buds, tulips and jonquils are coming up, onions from last season are well up. So far, so good. In some years I’ve not had my first blooms until April, last year I was excited by the early blooms, but then the cold came. Hopefully this year mother nature isn’t merely being a tease. Soon Bob and I will be out walking fencelines picking fresh asparagus...but in the meanwhile, I will  smile and appreciate  that mom has come to visit me through the many bulbs and flowers she long ago gave me ..and that is the sweetest joy I could have!  ( I sure miss you mom!)

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