January 23, 2009

Some Favorite Treasures Hanging around my Home

Emma Louise by Nancy Noel, signed by Emma
this was a gift from Angie and Sweatie Pie

Nancy Noel... at work...and Emma's siggie!

Woman's Work is Never Done.. by Harry Roseland...Little Knitter
I came across this very old print( as evidence by the aging of the backing paper and framed style.) at a rummage sale a few years ago. The seller said it was her grandmas, so I figured I had to have it and I loved the subject..isn't she a cutie! Here is the info I found about this one.

The American painter Harry Herman Roseland was a one of America's finest genre painters during the 19th and early 20th century. He was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1866 and died in that city in 1950. He studied with Thomas Eakins, C. Beckwith and J.B. Whittaker. Roseland lived throughout his career in New York and never traveled to Europe. He became famous for painting common laborers in fields, picking cotton or berries in and around the New York and New England coastal areas, and he specialized in interior genres that shows men discussing art and literature in smoke-filled libraries; black fortune tellers reading white women’s palms and tea leaves; and post-Civil War African Americans engaged in common everyday activities. He exhibited at the National Academy from 1884 paintings that showed people praying; gossiping; reading or delivering letters; sewing; interiors filled with activity and joy; black fortune tellers; and old men talking in the privacy of a den or library.

Boy and his Rabbit
By Sir Henry Raeburn [Scottish Painter, 1756-1823] , one of the greatest of the Scottish painters ( 1756-1823 ). The print condition is excellent, hung decades away from light and dust. Colors are unfaded and have a lovely aged appearance. . Lower left hand corner has the number 2612. Lower right hand corner reads, " made in U.S.A. ".
My mother recieved this print from her mother and father's estate many years ago. My mom lived to be nearly 100 years old and had this hanging in her living room. I am sure many of the grandkids well remember it and have at one time, wondered about it?? Mom always loved this print, not only because she remembered it in her home as a young girl, but said a famous artist did the original painting. This is a lithograph of that painting. The numbers and writing were hard to see but thinking I have the right info now. I never knew who this artist she was talking about, so I looked it up. What a great resource the internet is! I had my answer in minutes.
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