January 22, 2009

About my Birth ~Day

I came into this world bottom first on January 22, 1945 at 7 pm in the evening. When my mom heard she was pregnant with me, she cried for a week , at first being told I was a tumor.  I have to admit, it was not the news she wanted to hear at first, but as it ended up,   I was such a loveable little bundle   ! We laughed years later when I told mom, I was the reason she lived to be almost 100 years...I was always in some kind of trouble as a kid, she had to live a long life to keep an eye on my siblings and me! ( I often think because sister Karen was so active as a toddler, she just wasn't prepared for another Karen..ha ha ha) . We had this post card that my then 14 yr old brother Howard wrote to mom at the hospital when I was born. "Dad is having trouble braiding Karens hair and can't get a comb through it "( he braided it by making knots in her hair) and "karen was climbing up on the kitchen cupbord." hey you have that post card? I can't remember for sure how it was written but rather humorous to read! Karen and I grew up giving our parents quite a ride for having us late in life ...Helen was the ideal child in the middle of us and our two older brothers , who also made life at the Wellman household interesting! 
But seriously..all five of us were very much loved and wanted..and we grew up knowing that!    thank you for all  the birthday wishes!

This a a poor picture quality, but one of the few we have of me as an infant, because during and after WW2,  photos were a luxury, so not many were you can see, I am still on the run!

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