November 14, 2008

This snowman melts my heart!

An Important message for all women from

Look at Debra's Giveaway!
All you have to do is scroll down and read the info she has kindly provided , find four symptoms for ovarian cancer and leave a comment under the Giveaway post listing these four symptoms.

Please help pass this on, do you know there are women out there
that do not even know that ovarian cancer exist!
Please help her reach as many as we can.

Created by Debra Facer , keeper of the cottage, a ten year ovarian cancer survivor, and a woman ona mission to help find a cure.
Debra writes "A brand new blog and my first ever. I am starting this blog in hopes of helping others who are going through their journey with cancer. This blog will not only help raise money for the fight but also be a haven of comfort and support to those who need it."

Thanks to Debra for this public awareness blog on cancers affecting women!!
Cathty of Hazelruths added this info ...
"I would like to add to the message. This is exactly what I had surgery for and I was very blessed, because mine was benign!
Everyone should follow this link to the Mayo Clinic and see what they can learn...."
"Again I was extremely blessed and had excellent doctors who forged ahead and fast, because they knew what to look for, but if you feel you aren't getting any answers change doctors until you do and insist upon a transvaginal ultrasound AND a CA-125 blood test. Do not wait--just do it! It's your health--not theirs. "
And don't forget to sign up for the giveaway! ;)

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