October 31, 2008

 Happy Halloween
The big night has arrived! I imagine Jeremy and Sean are getting excited about dressing up for their yearly trip around the neighborhood to fill their bags up with goodies. What makes it even more special this year, is that their other grandparents, Jill and Bob, have flown in on their broomsticks from Idaho to join our little gobblins for the fun  night! We are so excited to have them over her for our Halloween supper! On the menu will be Halloweenies( Hotdogs), Bat burgers(BBQ),  , Monster Muck ( baked beans) ,graveyard crunch ( chips) with  pepper butter dip, and Count Chocola Fudge and cream filled cupcakes...and of course some nice hot wormy spider apple cider! ( mulled cider) Anyone want to join us???
I will be sure to take some pictures and add to this! Have a Happy and Safe Halloween Everyone!
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