October 28, 2008

Can you believe it? The holidays will soon be upon us! We went shopping and bought our first gift ( one for our grandson)...but it seemed way to early and just couldn't get into it all. Then I thought..this year I will have my cards ready to mail ON TIME...and wrote out half of them...then thought..this is just too early, and put them away! So then, I finished making the rest of these skates..aren't they cute? I made my own pattern and they have the feel of real leather....
Stay tuned if intested in a free patttern...will be posting it soon!

then I put them away and decorated for Halloween... I remember mom saying.."Can you believe that the stores have Christmas out and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet?"...then we said and it isn't even Halloween yet...then we said...and it isn't Labor Day yet...ha..before we know it , at this rate, we will bring July 4th with the stores ready for Christmas...However...I have seen "Christmas in July" shows already!
Perhaps we ought to just slow down and go back to the old time traditions and welcome the season as it comes to us! I know I will this year and enjoy it a whole lot more.
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