September 15, 2008

Come In Dearie ...and Sit a Spell !

I was going through some Halloween Decorations the other day, and pushed to the back shelf ,was a box that said "witch" . When I saw this , I remembered it being the witch Mom bought one day down at the five and dime store in Amboy. She loved decorating for Halloween and making goodies for the town's trick or treating kids..and adults too! she would have a regular open house each year. People back home still talk about the Halloween nights at moms..good memories for us all!
She is to be hung up, and has lost her "cackle" when you clap your hands ( needs batteries no doubt)
I decided to find a special place for this "little witch with the good memories", and made some spell jars to add her to, at my house this year. The jars are grubbied and say, Spells, Potions, and All Hallows Eve.
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