June 7, 2008

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Lamps by Primcyn
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For Show and Tell this week...I will share some of the crafts I have made in the past years. I am actually a registered nurse by profession, but my mom got me going on crafts back in the 1980's when she opened a successful shop in Lee Center, called Grandma's House.She had 300 consignors and it soon outgrew her home and she moved to a store building in town that offered lots of space. Being in an area of 5 major camp grounds and thousands of summer tourist, her business flourished until she decided years later to close shop and do some traveling. My husband and I were hooked at that point, and continued wood crafts and lamp making. Many would tease me about being lamp queen at the shows and in all honesty, after making thousands of birdhouses and feeders, and then a few thousand lamps later...we decided we would retire from the business as well and do some traveling ourselves! I do miss creating things though...especially the lamps. so I still dabble a bit with them. (These are just a handfull of the designer lamps I created.) the most costly ones were those using wash boards. I would sew a clothespin bag and hang it on the washboard with an old rag doll inside, clothespins, ect...and of course, the base was a wooden box, custum made by Bob to hold the candle lamp. Washboards at flea markets and antique malls go anywhere from 10 -50 dollars these days...which no doubt would now make a very costly lamp to do!

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