June 12, 2008

Here is a clever idea from Garden and Crafts
I think this is very clever and looks easy to do with a re-bar and some onto their site for the easy to follow instructions .
Here are some helpful hints from a fellow blogger..check out her website!
ChickenGal said...
Just one note on the tipsy tower. I used a LARGE pot for the bottom 14" and secured the rod (I used galvenized pipe, but i have seen copper pipe,but it tends to bend)with a little concrete to the larger pot, make sure you leave enough drainage in the bottom pot. I also used a 1x4 inch piece of board the fit across the large pot to help secure the pole as it rose up from the pot. I used 8" pots to finish the tower. Word of caution. Make sure you keep it out of a windy area, it can become top heavy and crash! Hanging plant work the best!
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