June 2, 2008

Remember Laura. Quilt

I Remember Laura.......My Special Quilt

This week, I am participating in Miss Sandy's Laura Ingalls Wilder Blog-a-thon. If you would like to join in the fun or visit the other participants, please visit her at Quill Cottage.

I love quilts and wish I had a house full! One that I helped to actually make, ended up being my most special one. I belonged to a forum at one time, called On Angels Wings. The forum ended, but the friendships continued and I am in touch even still with many of these very special friends I have known for 20 years .
In 2001, we had a quilt block exchange and we were to make the 14 inch blocks and use three basic colors..I believe we had 21 participants, so I had to make 21 blocks. this was quite a big deal for me , as i had never made a quilt before. (I took a sewing class once of how to cut and piece, so that helped, but was far from being a good participant!) . I chose pieced block with embroidery centers( purchased off eBay) that had birds and wild flowers in red work. ( couldn't get any easier than that!) When I finally got all my blocks in the mail , I was thrilled with each..and each was signed by the maker. I contacted my cousins from Peoria, Illinois, who are well known for their expertise in making quilts, and hired the piece work and hand quilting done..all by four lovely ladies of the Apostolic Christian Nursing Home there. I hope to get some decent pictures to show how wonderful the quilting is. The Apostolic Christian Nursing home ladies did a wonderful job and this made it even more a treasure to me, having them help me with the quilt. I believe they have a yearly auction down there of their quilts, if ever in that area at the time. Some live in the Washington, IL. and vicinity as well.
My sister Helen, now known and held in highest esteme as the "family quilter"(though she would adamently deny her wonderful talent), made me this absolutely marvelous runner. I can't begin to tell you how awesome this is. ( I even have glass over the top of it for protection). Isn't it lovely

Sis responds to the kind comments made regarding her runner. ..."Last night I went through many of the web sites that you sent me and had a ball looking at all the quilts; made me want to get busy and sew more, which is what I need to do in order to get all the grandchildrens quilts done..... truly very talented and artistic people with their work" Helen
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