May 31, 2008

Show and Tell Time !

My Vintage Mementos
I love visiting

and all the interesting places it leads me to on show and tell Wednesdays.You all have such interesting things to show and tell about....I find it a challenge to come up with something to share from the bedroom, but do have a couple things in this display that might qualify.

This is my keepsake shadow box. I talked Bob into buying me this about 20 years ago and have enjoyed adding things to it over the years. as you see I have a spaces will be for my nurses pin and related pins I have have received and perhaps an early picture...but haven't got around to that part yet.

Each has a story to it. This is the beaded purse my dad bought for mom in 1926, the year they married. Unfortunately, the bottom was cut off by neighbor girl because "she wanted the beaded rose on it' . but thankfully, mom hung on to the purse anyway..I hope to find someone one day to try to repair this. next to the purse is a ring hole has a cut out on the husband, when a small boy of about 6 yrs, decided to try it on his finger and it got stuck..his mom had to take a wire cutter to get it off his fingers .
The pin is one my aunt Leona had in her jewelry box and mom later gave to me after my aunt passed away. The pearl ear rings..I wore in 1963 to my senior prom

This is a bullet mold ( hand crafted) with an actual lead bullet inside. It was from the time of the Civil War and something you don't see often, except in museums. It has been passed down and belonged to my husband's great grandfather. I have no idea of where he got it or his connection to this item. It is interesting though. Apparently, they poured lead into this mold and could make their bullets this way.

The little glass buggy is a candy holder from the late 1800's ,I believe. it belonged to Bob's great grandma. To get the candy out, one would slide the metal seat back and the opening is located under the seat. (My MIL, Clara, put confetti in it to show it was to hold candy) I wish the date was in it as well, but she said it was one of the oldest things she had of her grandmas.

Then pen and ink set I got from my mom years ago when the post office closed. She had stuck the pens on top of the very antique post office metal PO box/desk area and we found it while cleaning out the area before the inspector came to remove the office supplies and furniture from the house... also some lead pennies . I bought the ink and pen points at an antique store to go with it . The 2 cent post card and letter behind it were hand stamped by my dad at our post office. The 2 dollar bill ( not visible inthis picture) was one he gave me. He also had one in his billfold. He said sailors were often paid , using 2 dollars bills and that it was good luck to carry a 2 dollar bill in your wallet...which he did his entire life. ( My dad was in the US Navy during WW 1 and sailed on the USS Rainbow. ) At the back, is a pin he wore as bus driver for District 271 Schools.
While weeding mom's flower bed one day, I found it lying in the dirt, quite corroded, but the writing still legible. I imagine dad must had dropped it there, accidentally, as it was the area where he parked his school bus .

These pocket watches belonged to Bob's dad and grandfather. The wrist watch ( no wrist band) belonged to my dad. The toy metal car belonged to a relative of Bob's.

This is a very old coin that belonged to Bob's interested me and says 1797 and King George on it must be an English coin . Perhaps one day I will find out more about it. I have another coins also in this collection.( in a safe deposit box) ..larger pennies, half dimes and some pretty unusual coins of the late 1800s., early 1900's . Pictured also is a commemorative coin from the Chicago worlds fair. this Fair has a family story to share with you all. My grandpa left grandma at the fair! back then it must had really been a big deal too as getting around wasn't easy. Last she said she saw of him was watching him hang on to the back of a trolley as it passed by her! She waited, sitting at a table hours, for him to come back and get her......he forgot she was with him and went home!.In the meanwhile, she found another ride home . When he got home, there was a big silence in the household for weeks I would imagine..and this story has been passed on for decades it must had been a really big deal! LOL

Here you will see a silver is actually a salt keep with a tiny spoon in it, a gift to me from Norway, where my mother in laws second husband had visited. Next to this is my dads masonic ring. He was a 50 year Mason, a Knight Templar. It is my hope to pass this one to either a grandson or nephew one day that is a Mason.

This is my grandmothers hand carved crochet hook. also an old wooden fan from a dear friend and a beaded shoe bucket from my mom.
I also have an angel ornament hand painted by Helen Eyers, some left over S & H green stamps...would you believe i bought my first wash machine with green stamps? Yes ...52 books it took!
Well I hope you have enjoyed my entry for Kelli's show and tell..I can't wait to go see what you are all posting this week!

Many thanks for all the wonderful comments coming in! I too, am also enjoying the many blogs listed under kellishouse show and tell.!

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