May 14, 2008

Three Cheers for the Red White and Blue!

Photo by Primcyn
I have always wanted one of these quilts . We don't see too many in our state, but if you were to take a drive in the country in Iowa , Tennessee ,Indiana, Kentucky and a few other places, you will see plenty on some very old barns and corn cribs..maybe a few on fences and signs as well.. I don't have a barn but have a front porch and a fence. I decided to do a patriotic one for the front porch first, and this was the final result. When not quite so windy, I will set Matilda my life sized lady with a red hat , out on the chair to wave at travelers as they pass by...she is friendly that way! I think they will notice the quilt too , don't you?To make this, I purchased a 4 by 4 ft piece of plywood, lightly sanding it and added two coats white house paint. when dry, I drew out the pattern blocks I saw on a quilters website. I believe this was called Amish Star, an appropriate name, as we live in an area where Amish have settled. It also happens we love a patriotic theme, so this worked out well for us. I lightly penciled the color they were to be painted to avoid confusion..and it does get confusing . It took 2 coats paint and only one day to work on it. I used a spray sealant and Bob hung it up , using four wood screws in the pre-drilled corners.Here are some fantastic websites that talk about these barn quilts and also one tells how to make was actually a very easy and quick project! Quilts of Pocahontas CountyBarn Quilts of Washington CountyIowa Barn FoundationOhio Quilt BarnsAdams County Ohio Quilt Sampler ProjectNot Barn Yesterday: A Clothesline of Quilts in AppalachiaQuilt Trail (Northeast Tennessee)Patchwork Jewels of Monroe County (Ohio)Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage AreaWay back when barn quilts
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