May 24, 2008

Grandma's 100 year old apron apron

Show and Tell
Kelli's show and tell Friday

Maude Wellman was my father's mother, who passed away when he was around 13 years of age, of what was believed now to have been either strep throat or TB...they referred to the illness as "consumption"...which could have been about any thing. Grandpa "Hank"ran a couple different creameries near Genoa and also Shaw, Il . , and they later purchased a farm south of Lee Center.My great grandparents and other relatives resided in the area as well . Grandma was said to be an excellent baker, and also made her own preserves from gooseberries and raspberries that grew on the farm.I have the old jelly cupboard ( I refer to as "Old Yeller") that grandpa made for her to keep her preserves inside. There are a couple tinned up mouse holes inside, but it cleaned up well and is presently where I keep my fabrics for sewing. I believe this apron to be around 100 years old . My dear cousin , Don Schultz, once wisely advised me to never removed the finish from this it remains in it's original mustard colored state, with the exception of a painted crow. ( He also said each mousehole added 100 dollars to its value!..I am not sure if that is true or was said to make me feel better.. but at least the mice no longer reside in it!) These are the only two treasures I own of a grandmother I never knew...but somehow I feel her near me, in my walks through life each day.

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