May 28, 2008

Special People I like to remember....

Ray Tubbs, Mailman for rural delivery, Amboy Illinois

Our  dad ( Howard Wellman)was the  Postmaster of Lee Center Post Office for  many years. During that time, we came to know many wonderful people and I write of one man in particular..Ray Tubbs.    He was the mail mail that came to the Lee Center  Post Office each day from Amboy IL until his retirement in the 1960's. The Lee Center Post Office was in the front two stone rooms of our 8 room home  .this original structure, still stands today. It's history is unique and written about  
     During his daily rounds to pick up and deliver mail to the PO, Ray was the source that we would hear of  news, happenings,  and illnesses in the community, as he saw most people while making rural deliveries. I remember him as a very kind and dear-hearted man. ( Also one of our favorite post office visitors each day, as he usually had a piece of candy for us when bringing in the mail.) My sisters and I still look back and all agree, Ray was special!
     He and his wife had a daughter, Rosemary,  and resided in Amboy IL.  Rosemary was quite  crippled  and in such discomfort, yet had her Fathers eyes...eyes that saw the good in things in life that God had given to her.She was the light of his life and after losing his wife, he took over complete care for Rosemary in their home. 
        I always considered Ray Tubbs an icon to the community, representing the best of Amboy and Lee Center citizenship, postal history, and personal life achievements .    I  especially  marvel of wonderful attitude  Ray , his wife and their daughter, Rosemary, had towards life, They embraced the good things life , no matter the tragic events that come along. . His attitude towards life would affect my own life  and that of others that knew him..

I thank you Ray Tubbs,  ...for making a difference !
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