July 26, 2017


Tomorrow June27th would be my nieces birthday. Remembering her birth, I recall her dad coming home from the Navy, joining his wife Donice, for  a couple weeks, to be with her when their first child was born . As often happens, the baby said not yet. Unable to extend his furlough, Don headed back , driving to east coast naval station . Donice went into labor about 2 hrs after he left Mom made calls and soon Don found himself surrounded by State police in  Indiana . He had been driving fast , so he was rather nervous until they told him to "turn around son, you've got a baby coming" . Deborah Lynn Wellman entered the world soon after . Donice and their new baby joined Don 6 weeks later.   (Newprt)
Deb passed away from ovarian cancer at the age of 47 yrs. She was such a joy to me to later babysit for and watch her grow up over the years. One memory I have, was taking her exploring for fossils at box canyon. She loved fishing trips with her family, cookouts in the woods, and later proved skilled in crafts. She became interested in making quilts . So many memories fading away but her smiles and laughter remain with me always . Deb worked many years at KSB in housekeeping. She also worked at O'Connell camp resort and At Franklin  Grove HS in custodial work. She has a daughter Elizabeth Bartlett , who lives in Missouri.  Happy Birthday in Heaven Debbie. In know your parents and grandparents joined with you there with  much love  in their hearts for you as well. May each  Rest in Peace with the Lord now, and , know they  were loved .  

This is another photo of Don, Donice,Deb and Joan, taken in 1969, the year Stephanie was born. When we would go visit them, they had a dry sink in the old fashioned pantry and we could lay her inside with blankets, but as it always turned out Aunt Donice and the girls held her most the time! I love this sweet picture of them ! It was a good memory I decided to stick into my blog today
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