July 26, 2017

Cubs hx

July 25, 1988, today's date in Chicago Cubs history........The Cubs test their $5 million lighting system prior to their historic first night game at Wrigley Field scheduled for August 8th against the Phillies. Six banks of lights on 33-foot steel towers along the first-base and third-base baselines illuminate the field during the charity event in which players take batting practice and participate in a home run derby. The Cubs hosted "Cubs Care" under the lights from 6 to 9 p.m. The club held an informal workout and home run hitting contest featuring Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Andre Dawson and Ryne Sandberg. Ken Holtzman and Fergie Jenkins were the pitchers. The photo is six banks of lights illuminated Wrigley Field as the Chicago Cubs held their first official night practice in Chicago, July 25, 1988. Wrigley Field is the last major league park to install lights and will have their first night game on Aug. 8, against the Phillies. (AP Photo/John Swart)
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