April 23, 2017

grandma and grandpa schultz..Helen's notes from fb

  1. She went through Ellis Island and became an American citizen. Mom received a letter back when they were putting plaques up with the names of those who came that way; she didn't do it as it would cost $100; guess she didn't feel it was necessary. My old neighbor Eva Leddy also passed into the US that way; she traveled with her daughters to NY to celebrate seeing her plaque there

  2. Mom said the reason her grandfather came was because he was afraid the Kaiser was going to start war and he did not want any part of it. Some of his children remained in Germany, he brought Grandma who was a young girl and his 2nd wife. He did truck farming near Peoria; joined the Apostolic Christian church after meeting a neighbor who belonged to it. "Gussie" never belonged to it, she was a Baptist. Grandfather Schultz was a Methodist; always wondered why he did not attend church where she did. When your Mom gave me the Masonic ring that Dad had, my question was answered. When I had the ring cleaned, etched on the inside was Grandfather Schultz' name. Baptists do not allow Masons to belong to their church, and grandfather apparently did not want to give up being a Mason.

  3. The ring came as a surprise to me also; we always thought it was Dads. Your Mom gave it to me because Voris is a Mason.

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