February 24, 2017


I was thinking today, of the many times I would hear mom tell us about Grandma and Grandpa Schultz  and what it was like as a family growing up  on the farm near  Sandwich Il ( which is  located  behind the (now) Indian Hills shopping Center)
I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit my mom for many years and wish now I had taken a notebook down with me to record her wonderful stories. Those days are gone now but remain precious to me, hearing her tell them as we worked together in her garden or sat shelling peas etc. Just seeing the joy she had as a grandmother to my children was amazing. Having two wonderful grandsons myself, I  well know how she felt about them all.
One memory she mentioned at the farm was when she and her brothers Frank and Raymond were in the barn playing. There was a large rope the older boys would swing from high up and end up on the platform on another side, She wanted to try it and Frank said ok..gave her a push....and left her hanging onto the rope unable to get a joke.   years later they would laugh about this as their relived stories of their childhood.   another was when  she and  her brothers and sisters would go down to the creek to swim

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