January 7, 2017

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Funeral Preparations

Pastor will meet with family in making arrangements for services and be in contact with funeral home as to where visitation and services held, and if at church, will a dinner be requested by family? Pastor will give family A funeral dinner information sheet ( see attached ) , when they request a dinner be done , and then contact person from the deacons committee for them to call.

Visitation at the church..........Depending on the funeral home, visitation casket /urn, etc. is usually set up the am of the funeral, but has been on occasion the body brought to the church evening before and attendant from funeral home staying over. The church has to be opened for them prior to coming either by custodian or deacon/deaconess. . Assist them in reorganizing the church to facilitate casket placement and extra seating. Also remove any seasonal decor, making room for funeral flowers, extra floral stands are available in the belfry if needed. Organize back of church for viewing area and seating. , leaving a couple tables for memorabilia and photos for family to use. Also , extra tripods and wreath holders area available, and stored in belfry area. Sample layout graphic below but can be altered according to funeral home/family suggestions. Extra chairs available upon request. Take extra tables to back room. Depending on size of funeral, usually just one or two rows extra seating is needed in back. Extra hymnals upon request. The pastor arranges for organist and songs . Deacon /deaconess calls janitor to inform of funeral date and any special cleaning needs in advance of the church or kitchen areas. (Members assist as needed. )

Funeral Services at the Church

Deacon/deaconess arrives early meeting with pastor and funeral director at the church .They will coordinate and confirm all arrangements are ready before service begins. Extra tissues located in janitorial closet. Provide director with any plant stands or tripods needed etc. Lights on, room a/c, heat is adequately controlled, candles lit, extra cups and waters available in back service kitchen. After service, check that all cards on the floral arrangements have been gathered to give to family. Snuff out the candles and assist in what ever needed by family to remove plants etc..( extra boxes might be offered, if available. ) return plant stands and tripods to storage areas.

Funeral Dinner at our Church

A call all will be made by the church secretary of the date and time of funeral and dinner. She will request kitchen help and dish to pass,( usually a salad, desert, etc ) When members able to help, they are asked to contact the deaconess to let her know that to help. Cleaning of kitchen area to be done day in advance of the dinner by custodians and church members. At this time , also, check that church has enough plates, eating utensils, cups, coffee, drinks,, preparing what drinks you can, in advance. More may be bought as needed (Usually a diet drink, water or Koolaid ) start making coffee in advance the day of the funeral. As food is brought in, designate someone write it down and give list family later. ( mark the dish with their name if not on it already. ) Set up table service and drink area. (two tables the length of counter and a desert table.) Cut cakes and pies,. place food out after service. A menu will be established according to family wishes and relayed to the deacon/deaconess in charge of the dinner regarding what is catered into the church and who is doing the ordering, picking up etc. Pastor will give this letter to family in making their decision. ( see attached form) All leftover food is sent home with family or distributed as they request. Extra no return type containers stored in kitchen . Clean up by church members and custodian.

Sample diagram of visitation area

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