January 7, 2017

Church info

First Congregational Church of Christ

PO Box 40, Lee Center IL. 61331

Funeral Dinner Information

The members of the Lee Center First Congregational United Church of Christ would like to pass along our sympathy to you and your family. Your decision to have funeral service and dinner at our church is appreciated and is an honor for us, in your loved ones memory . The church has been serving the community since 1843. May God give you and your family strength and comfort in the days and weeks ahead. We hope to make this day run smoothly as possible and sending along some guidelines you may find helpful.

1)At the request of your family, a member of our congregation can order, buy, and deliver the necessary food for the dinner. (You also may wish to do this yourself and that is fine. ) We can purchase the items from any business of your choice that has them available, for example Country village meats in Sublette, Dixon Food Center, County Market, SuperWalmart etc. Your family will be expected to only pay for the actual grocery bill-no other costs will be charged.

2)The Standard Menu for 80 people( *approx price $150-200 ) includes:

Cold cut Meat for sandwiches-20lbs

Cheese slices for sandwiches-8 lbs

Bread or buns for 120 sandwiches ( wheat rye, white etc)

Regular mustard potato salad 10 lbs

Macaroni Salad 10 lbs

Large cookies 8 doz arranged on tray

Condiments( ketchup,mustard, mayo, relish etc)

Drinks- Lemonade, water, and coffee

Often the persons that cater include the condiments . * Also , church members will donate salads and deserts , so this list is usually not fully adhered to and price varies. We will give your family a list of individuals and addresses that donated food if you want to send them thank you notes at a later date.

3) We will give your family all the left over grocery items you purchased for the meal. In addition, we will give your family the other food items that are easy to pack up.

4)The members of the church will serve the meal and clean up afterward. You are welcome to stay as long as you would like after the meal , to be in fellowship with family and friends.

5)Usually, the family will give the church a donation of ($100.00 or greater) for using the basement and serving the meal. This donation will help cover the cost of things we do not charge for -electricity, plates, cups, napkins, carryout containers, plastic tablecloths etc)

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the Pastor , Church secretary, or following deaconess members

Deaconess: Cindy Boyenga Phone 815-438-2210

Deaconess: Edie Cater Phone 815-535-4438

Secretary : Sandy Wittenauer 815-757-7911

Pastor : Jack Briggs 815-732-7032

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