July 31, 2016

Back top school time is almost here!

     August starts tomorrow, and I have to  wonder how it is that as I get older,, time seems to pass by faster. When a kid those three months off school seemed to last  a year, but now seems like 3 weeks and school is  starting.
     I see children and their parents in Wal Mart busy picking out school supplies. Times have changed though . After seeing the "list" each is expected to bring to school, Head phones,, special markers, colored pencils, crayons,  folders,  spiral note books with  paper,( not just lined paper anymore)  two different tennis for pair  and one pair for wearing to school,   and the list goes on...maybe 20 or more requirements.  that plus paying  the regular entry fees, lunch, PE fees,, athletic fees, etc . I believe I heard Stephanie say Jeremy even had to pay for his Drivers Ed course last year, which was expensive.  I wonder how larger  families manage !
     One church in Sterling came up with a great idea. Members donate supplies for a "school pantry"  and then before school starts , parents anywhere from Whiteside County,  in need of help,  can pick up needed supplies. This goes about 2 weeks   at end of July each year
     I think this is a great idea for any community to do and a way for churches to reach out locally as well.
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