April 1, 2015

Easter memories

 Going back  60 years ago...I remember going to Klines Dept Store in Dixon Il with mom and sisters, to pick out our Easter outfits for Easter Sunday church service. It was a big deal to us girls to get to buy a fancy hat and white cloves...and if lucky new white patent leather shoes.Klines had a section of their upstairs, displaying all sorts of fancy hats to buy...both adult and childrens. .. Mom really enjoyed shopping for us girls...and usually for herself last. what a mom! Childrens hats would be something like this, as I remember. One year mom bought Karen and I matching spring coats of different pastel colors. ...really felt like Prinesses that year! My sister adds...Karen Wellman Roth I remember getting the matching dress, coat, hat, gloves and shined shoes and then leaving the hat in the car before church. Hate to wear hats still! Still wonder how Mom could afford to do it....called sacrifice and doing without herself.

Wishing you a Blessed Easter !
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