March 31, 2015

Wild flowers of our state

I believe as kids, one of our fondest memories was going to the woods to pick flowers for mom. She taught us names of flowers and  how it was important to  never uproot them , to assure their continued growth in generations to come.  I grew up for an appreciation of wild flowers and these photos are a few that I remember seeing. Hopefully this spring I can photograph some in the woods near our home town. ( Photos   from  www.WildflowersIllinois


Helen writes: "
I remember how much loved Queen Annes lace; something you see along the roads. Dad would never let her bring a start of the plant home as it spreads like wildfire. I know, as a little old neighbor lady brought me one (her husband had dug hers out) and wanted me to plant it as she loved it. Well, I did and have regretted it ever since. You just cannot get rid of it; I think her husband must have worked so hard to do it. She has long passed away, her plant lives on, in my flower beds. Also I remember the time I helped to bring cactus home, found it near the cemetery. Were either one of you girls with me? I know I had some help. That didn’t last long, not one of Moms ideas of flowers.(LOL) Remember the  May apple plants in the woods; the Jack in the box, Mom h ad some of those. Wasn’t there  a little white heart shaped one?"   Helen
  Yes, as I remember, she called them "Dutchman's Britches"
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