March 26, 2015

Canning chicken

While canning chicken last night, I was remembering my sister Karen and her husband doing the same one year. I posted my accomplished photo of canned chicken on face book and the store was told by Karen and Helen...always fun to think back of those  times and have a laugh 

Cindy Boyenga   I will never forget Jerry's Chicken Shopathon at the grocery store and all the work you did in canning that night..LOL

Karen Wellman Roth Couldn't remember who all was there just that I ended up with 27 chickens and no refrigeration space so had to do them that night. Jerry still gets chicken cards from Helen! Jerry's chicken fiasco!

Cindy Boyenga I don't think I was there for that one...but maybe Helen was? plus all the kids each having to buy 2 chickens each...ha ha ( there was a limit of 2 per person as i remember the story)

Helen Page Mom and I were there; what a memory that was. We had to catch the plane early so did not stay up to help Karen, never will forget how we went to church and then pulled off the chicken heist at the store. just a limited amount per customer; we all went in, turned out we were the only people in the store at the time, all buying the chickens. jerry was outside putting them in his van as we came out(LOL) Karen I am so sorry I did not help you can them; did you get any sleep?

Karen Wellman Roth Not much! We did enjoy the chicken but Jerry wasn't my favorite person that night! Makes for great chicken cards through the years tho.
Helen Page It is a challenge to finding the chicken cards; a year long venture, sending them for Jerry's birthday
Helen Page Cindy, it was so hilarious that night in the store. We all came in separately and tried to act like we didn't know each other. One by one we sauntered back to the chicken cooler and picked up the limit. Then we spread out at different checkouts; was really sort of obvious that they would have such a run on chickens all at the same time(LOL). It was to be one special to a family; I sort of felt like a crook breaking the law(LOL). There were the kids, Mom, Karen and I; not a word was spoken to each other; the checkout girls had to wonder what the heck was going on!
Cindy  I can see this was one shopping trip it was good to miss out on! ha!!

(No comments from Jerrry were made....Hmmm)

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