March 16, 2015

The Lee Center Post Office Sign

This is a familiar sign to the Wellman family and residents that lived in Lee Center. It is the sign that hung outside our  stone house  for many years, displaying  the location of our town's Post Office. . My brother Don made the sign  when he was in high school for dad . Dad was post master in Lee Center Il , so this sign is dear to my heart. ( yes, the post office was  at our our home) In the corner of the sign,  Don decided to initial it and included his sweetheart's initials as well. I guess it is a good thing they got married after high school. as  those initials remained there yet another 50 years. After Donice passed away and  five years later,  Don was blessed with yet another happy marriage to Donna Wagoner...another DW that took on the Wellman name!  I have this sign hanging up in our family room downstairs...Long live great memories of having the post Office in the Wellman home...many customers heard the  squabbles, piano/instrument  practice,,  and the laughter that went on  with the five Wellman kids.  no need for the program "if walls could talk"...I am sure everyone heard it all.

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