July 24, 2012

Mouse pad re~do.

Today I did a project that took literally less than 5 mnutes. Inspired by a tutorial by Joy of How Joyful  , I decided to spruce up my old mousepad with some fabric( thanks sis!) .....except I made it even easier. glue gun  , fabric and one disgusting looking mouse pad I have used for years. I didn't finish the back as I want the rubber backing to be non slip. ...but who can see it anyway, right?  ( No Modge Podge used... and works great!) I decided it it gets soiled, I  will just replace the fabric.

Also today, I finished a table topper..a simple piece work from strips of fabric that I quilted...I am definitely new at this so  it isn't perfect..I am making three pillows to my deacon's bench to match and two hanging towels....will add photos later.

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