April 11, 2012

trellis from a box spring mattress.

We recently bought a new queen sized mattress and box spring for the downstairs guest room.  While  removing the old one, Bob and I decided that we could salvage part of the box springs and use it for a wooden trellis. He stained it with a white stain from Menard's ( no paint, no  peel off) and we hung it on the shed.
It reminds me of the old trellises you see out east for grape vines., so I planted two under it and have a clematis already there growing until the other takes off...then will move the clematis to the other side of the building.

Never thought of re purposing an old bed but it works and fairly easy to do.   the rest of the mattress wiring that secured the springs will be a trellis for my straight eight cucumbers in the garden.

We had quite a freeze/ frost last night, down to 27 degrees. I was out there covering up everything I could but afraid the fruit trees will suffer this year. My ever bearing strawberries are looking good this am and some of the perennials got hit..but mostly are ok.

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