March 29, 2012

Remembering 1st Grade

Do you remember when you entered the First Grade and all who were in your class? Well  am certainly having trouble and hope some of my old classmates can help me out!
     I came across this old photo and it sure brought back such wonderful memories. One of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Carole Ashenbrenner. She had snow white hair and always   smiling, and made going to first grade a good beginning to school for us. This was the  expected position we had  when the teacher would enter the room, hands folded and no talking allowed, we would await her"  Good morning class" to begin our days. She really wasn't what I would call a strict teacher but was more grandmotherly like...someone we respected and loved.
     There were  sixteen students in this class( one np in this photo), two whom were twins. Five of us lived in town and the rest in the country and whom we would be meeting for the first time.
OK Evelyn, Nancy, Ronny... or anyone else who can help me out..  we need to fill in the blanks for names...left to right ( not pictured is Ronny Hartz)
First Row going back...Paul Moore, Kathy Ramsdell, Cindy  Wellman, Evelyn Vivian, and  Janet Zinke 
Second Row...Rita Meyers, Joyce Partington, Mary Jane Haefner, Pauline Schmidt and Linda Wilson ( or is it Donna?) 
 Third Row...Duane Burkhardt, Janice  Partington, Leslie Nelson, Cheryl Jahns,  and  Ione Fisher

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