July 14, 2011

Bread and butter pickles ...diabetic recipe included.

Donice kept a big jar of these in her refrigerator when the cukes came on in the garden.

2 c sugar
1 c vinegar
1-2 t salt
7 c thinly sliced cucumbers
1 thinly sliced or chopped onion (I used the equivalent in dried onion flakes, 2 T)
1 t celery seeds
In a small saucepan, mix together the sugar, vinegar, and salt, and heat just until the sugar and salt are completely dissolved, stirring constantly. Some recipes tell you to include the celery seed in this mixture--big mistake--you won't be able to scrape them all out, it makes a mess, and all about avoiding a mess in the kitchen.
Meanwhile, slice the cucumbers and onions (I used my food processor, but you could use a mandolin slicer). Spinkle the celery seed on top, along with the onion flakes if you use dried like me.
When the vinegar mixture is completely cool, pour over the cucumbers, onions, and celery seed, and stir well. You'll think at this point that this is not enough liquid for the amount of cucumbers that you have, but stir to coat as well as you can, then cover and refrigerate.
 The cucumbers will wilt down slightly and release some of their juices and you'll have plenty of liquid. At this point you can put it in jars, if you like, but because they aren't heat packed or sealed, they must be kept refrigerated at all times. I usually just leave mine in the bowl. As they start to get eaten, you'll end up with lots of excess liquid--  just slice more cucumbers and add to the bowl. After a while,  discard and start a new one, but you can replenish the cucumbers at least once or twice, depending on how fast you eat them.
 add just a little diced red and/or green bell peppers  for color
 some like to take the same vinegar-sugar mixture and use it over a combination of cucmbers and halved grape or cherry tomatoes. as a salad.   .

   If you want sugar free.... Use Splenda instead of sugar . The Splenda dissolves almost immediately in the vinegar, but   the mixture is slightly cloudy,  .. to dissolve the salt,  heat   for about a minute , stirring constantly. Not ony will the salt dissolve, the Splenda combines even more and the mixture became clear. Once cool, I pour it over the cucmber/dried onion/celery seed mixture  .  Donice was a diabeticand a very good cook....she often experiemtned with  foods she could adhere to her diet with. .
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