May 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Bob

I have these roses sitting in my kitchen window this am. They are starts of roses my my gave me years ago, just as her own mom had once given her a start.  She would often tell us  stories of the home place she grew up at . It was an old two story  farmhouse  outside of Sandwich , Illinois. Her mom had these growing under her kitchen window and "they would grow so tall they would peek over at you as you looked through her window " . I have them planted nearby, as there is cement under my own kitchen window, so I have mine planted in my yard.  These are an older an English cottage rose .They bloom once a year and I always think of my mom and grandma as they bloom. Mom liked to arrange them with fresh cut blue delphiniums in her house, when having a party or special family gatherings.

I'm showing you a pure, sweet rose,
Gathered in the early morn,
This rose was planted in my heart,
The day that I was born.

In kindly, loving thoughts of mom,
And with the faith she still imparts,
The rose I give to you today,
and the love that's in our hearts.

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