May 17, 2011

Bob has been a busy guy this Spring...the deck refinishing is done!

The old grey deck got a good power washing, removing old mold ,  moss, stains,and greyish discoloration that was accumul;ating on it.  We went to Menards and bought some deck wash, and  deck stain /sealant..water based..and used cedar solid stain and white solid stain on the fence , once it was dry. This fencing is over 30+ years old and was a treated cedar?  wood, which is why it has lasted so long. The transparent stain would have shown too many flaws and darker spots  from it's age. One caution we read about, was a warning to use a mask when sanding the rough areas, as arsenic was once used in treated lumber, ( no wonder we never had termites in it ..ha !)

~~~Before ~~~
all power washed and ready to stain.

3/4 done and the weather turned too cold..
so  we are on hold a week or so finishing this for now


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