March 4, 2011

The Old Green Shag Is GONE !

We have lived here for years now and we finally are getting around to remodeling a bit. Work, plus doing craft shows, always was a hindrance for finding the time. One thing I can say about the people that remodeled this house in the 1970'a..they spared no expense on quality of products used..the rug never wore out and the hallway wall paper does not have a single lose seam.We painted the living room an antique white that has some tan added to it. As you see, we have a lot of light from the windows, so it is bright at times when watching television. We bought some new shades for the windows that can be pulled at night. They also serve to insulate during the colder winter months .I am showing before and after photos. Also added are a new library table and sofa seat we purchased yesterday.

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