November 19, 2010

The Nightgown ~ by Helen Page

 My sister Helen sent  the following message  to me this am and I loved it so much, I wanted to share it with you.  Every Christmas, my Mom would sometimes  let us open one gift on Christmas Eve. We always knew it was going to be a new flannel nightgown  and we couldn’t wait to put it on .We didn’t care if it was a holiday print or   looked like a  "granny nightgown" -- we were thrilled! Here in northern Illinois, the winters are very  cold. The folks had a coal burning furnace that usually would run out of fuel by morning and the house would be very cold. Those flannel nightgowns and feather tick mattresses always kept us warm, no matter the temperature outside. We loved all the pretty designs of the fabrics and cherished the warmth of the flannels  .As years went by and my mom got older, she would get warm sleep ware  in return from her daughters. thanks sis for the memories!
 The Nightgown

The other day I awoke; enjoying the warmth of being snuggled up in bed on a cold morning. As I lay there I began to think of how warm the old nightgown I was wearing made me feel. And then I thought back to the time when my Mother used to sleep in it. My sister Cindy had bought it for her; probably a Mothers Day gift. Mom was always cold in her later years and really enjoyed her comfy warm gown. I was a pale green with pretty dainty pink flowers on it. After her death my sister Cindy and I went through her belongings, giving them to family and friends, as this is how Mom wanted it done. "No sale!" she said; and we were able to fulfill her wish. Most the clothing went to the Lifeline Thrift Shop and Food Pantry where I volunteer; however when we came across the nightgown, Cindy insisted I take it, as it was my size and in very good shape. I took it as something to remember Mom by; at the time not thinking I would ever wear it. In November a cold spell came in and one evening I decided to wear Moms' gown. It was so warm and cuddly that I have worn it most the time since,even in the summer when the A/C is cranked up. As I lay in bed remembering all this, I realized that the warmth I felt on my arms was like a "hug" from Mom. I shall continue to wear the old gown; just like me, it is getting "worn, faded and old" but still useful. But as the saying goes, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" is still the beautiful gown that I remember my Mom wearing. At the age of 72, I hope I can use it the rest of my days;
 it brings her back to me with its' warmth
and loving memories. ~ Helen ~ 

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