September 7, 2010

New skate ornaments

Are you a Granny Sk8ter?

I have alway dreamed of being a skater but never made fact, I was skating on thin ice when ever I would ankles just didn't stay straight nor my gluteus maximus off the ice! So I have making them instead! Ice skates finally finished! ... I fashioned some skates, a variation of Hazelruthe vintage shoe
 pattern ...these are 4 inches and I had 7 pieces to stitch together (includes a tongue!  :p   , The blades  came from Darice Inc a few years ago.  These skates are  painted off white and a faux leather  look & feel,  by using modge podge. Lacing them was the hardest part as I have to punch the holes first  and then laced them with a needle. I just finished 14 pair but will add a bit of clear glitter yet. These will be going to Liverpoole, Ohio , to a very neat shop called 
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