August 26, 2010

Primitive Blog Party

We are now out of the craft business...but I sure love   primitive blogs  ! I have joined a primitive blog party and will submit a  post of my favorite and best selling prim craft  made. This is one  I kept and gave to my mom's doctor's nursing staff.., who cared for her so many sits yet in their office. It  is a basket lamp that has my mothers baby picture in it (1906), and a vintage heart made from a piece of quilt my grandmother had done( and long ago disembled by my aunts )and some baby shoes from a Hazelruthe pattern..that made me a lot of money at craft shows ( I believe Cathy still stills this pattern on her websites) Bob would make me some neat old looking drawer boxes, with vintage knobs on them, to assemble these lamps also. The Love piece work hanging over the side of the basket, , I made. Please be sure to check other websites as they are posted here and visit the P&R Delphi forum for some great primitive ideas.    

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