May 2, 2010

Garage sale finds

Went to  garage sales yesterday...and had some good luck! If you can tell me more about these, I would be interested!

  a Nestles Toll House Cookie Jar.(5.00) .
( cookie recipie on the back) ( worth around 40-80?)

 Like new..4 - ft  Hardwood bench with storage area under seat  (20.00) ( said he paid 110)

2 small vases (1.00) will use these for taking flowers to residents at the nursing home
Victorian couple planter  1.00 ( unmarked) will use to hold combs in Bath room
Also sunbeam electic blanket never used...1.50
2 Perennial lilies ( yellow)  1.00 a  bag
chives plant 1.00
VHS tape recorder 7.00 ( works fine!) Bob wants to make CD of old VHS tapes we have and needed one more recorder
so we had a fun day and looking forward to the next rummage sales !!
Love them garage sales!!!
On our way..we found lots of asparagus and froze 13 quarts!
Bob, American ( asparagus ) Picker!
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